Halal Restaurants in Lombok Serving Halal Foods

Nowadays, halal trips are developed since there are so many Muslim tourists who travel around the world. Halal tourism should get the service better due to their religion which has some rules about it including for the resorts, restaurants, and many other services. The service for tourists should be selected well according to their interests. It would be better if there is halal foods availability in a hotels and restaurants since some travelers need it. One of the most favorite places, Lombok in Indonesia, has many halal restaurants and hotels. It refers to the local people and the Indonesian itself that most of them are Muslim. However, you will also find there are some bars, pubs, and restaurants that offer western menu with bacon or any others. Halal restaurants in Lombok are something that you will not find it strangely. Halal restaurants offer the things that Muslim needed; for example, a proper room for praying or mosques, halal foods, Qibla directions, and many others. Since Lombok is one of favorite destinations among tourist over the world, so the facilities there should offer any kinds of services.

While visiting Lombok, you would not be confused about any halal services. If you are a Muslim, you will not find halal restaurants in Lombok difficultly because most of Indonesian foods have halal certificate. Then, what you can eat halal foods in Lombok restaurants? Here is the list.

  • This is the top culinary menu when you visit Lombok. This food is so famous among tourists and you will find it easily in any Lombok restaurants. For halal certificate? You should not be worried, it is halal. The food is a grilled chicken with some spicy flavor. AyamTaliwang is an icon for Lombok dishes. This food is made from half cooked chicken grill, spicy sauce (from chili, shrimp paste, and garlic), Plecing (a boilde spinach), and SambalBeberuk. AyamTaliwang can be found easily in any restaurants that offer Lombok cuisine menu.
  • Still talking about chicken menu, this AyamBalapPuyuh is also a special menu from Lombok. Originally, it is from Puyung Village. The food is made from plain rice, vegetables, shredded spicy chicken, chili paste, fried seasoned coconut, fried soya beans, and fried chicken. Usually, you will eat this food which is served on banana leaf. Do not worry; this AyamBalapPuyuh menu is halal. The ingredients in it are safe to be consumed. Like the menu before, you can find this food easily in many restaurants in Lombok which offer Lombok’s special cuisine menu.

Searching halal restaurants in Lombok is not difficult. In many tourist destinations, you will find some restaurants that offer halal foods and some services for Muslim like small rooms for praying and a place for ritual ablution. Everything is easy to find in Lombok. You can expect much from Lombok and will not get any disappointments. Lombok has everything and gives you the best. The resorts, hotels, restaurants, and everything is nice there.

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