Popular Football Jersey Printing Techniques That You Should Know Before Ordering

As a big fans of football team, you may have a lot of football jerseys in your wardrobe. And, if you want to custom your football jersey, making your custom jersey printing is a good idea! Wearing your custom football jersey printing during the game will make you more fashionable and stylish. Putting your name and number on your back t-shirt uses several techniques to print. Actually, there are a wide range of printing techniques that produces your own designs. The following article will discover best printing methods, so you know which the best method to print your custom football jersey.

If you want to print your custom  jersey with your team, screen printing can be right choice to print your name and number on your jersey. But, if you print number and name, this printing method will require a new screen, so it will be less cost effective. Benefits of screen printing are giving high-quality print, having faster result with single design on multiple items, soft finish, printing in multiple colors. Direct To Garment  is a large flatbed printer where your football jersey is fed on its conveyer belt and it is printed on. This printing method also produces excellent print quality but it is not as good as screen printing. If you want to print full-color football jersey printing, this method will be great option. This method also offers low cost per item. For the finish result, DTG has professional and soft finish.

Vinyl printing technique produces soft clothing. It is cut using CAD cutter with other special software. Next, you print the material into your jersey using heat press method. This method will work well for the slogan, numbers, words, and small graphics. But, this method does not support with large printed jersey scales. When you choose this printing method will have an outstanding result with no cracking of the print. Producing color vibrant will stay last longer on your football jersey. Sublimation printing will work for all over and oversized jersey printing. This printing method will let you to create  a great piece of arts. And, this method only 100% works on fabric that is made of polyester. As you know that polyester is best fabric for your football jersey printing. So, after you read and know these printing method, hopefully this following article will help you find out the best printing method for printing football jersey.

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