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Importance of Collagen Supplements Collagen for most people means referring to the collagen face creams intended for the improvement of the skin’s look and quality, or the collagen injections for the lips. In the past, it was not a common occurrence to see supplements which contained collagen meant for beautification purposes so easily accessible. To enable one truly appreciate the value and applications of collagen, it will of great help to learn more concerning it, and how it affects the body. Collagen is the connective tissue that exists in the entire body. It functions by holding tendons, muscles, and bones together, just as glue would. It is not limited to the skin, but can also be seen in our joints. As we increase in age, the collagen in our bodies keeps reducing in terms of elasticity and amount being produced. This reduction can be attributed to the effects of free radicals from the environment and our foods, which keeps destroying this critical material in the body by making it stiff and unable to work as intended. The production of new collagen is also inhibited by these free radicals, and the process of aging. You have the choice of applying a topical collagen cream. The effects on this type of application is only on the skin. This has necessitated the focus on oral collagen supplements to cover the entire body. There exist two types of oral collagen supplements. These two are helpful in replenishing the body’s amino acids, and proteoglycans (special type of sugar naturally occurring in the body) reverses. Their purpose is to add to the body’s natural collagen reserves which the free radicals and age have reduced.
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The first type, called collagen type I, is mostly in your hair, nails, and tendons. You will also witness it in bones, teeth, and eyes. This kind is the most freely existing in the body. When you take these supplements to restore the connective tissue, your skin will have a better appearance. On top of this, the movement of your joints and muscles will be eased, and there shall be fewer aches and stiffness which comes with middle and old age. Type I collagen supplements are often from bovine or fish sources. They are ideal sources due to their abundant amino acid content, which is essential to a healthy, strong and youthful body.
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Type II collagen is also critical in joint health. It is essential in the health and production of cartilage present in knees, hips, and shoulders. This type is high in important chemicals such as hyaluronic acids, amino acids, and glucosamine. The are mostly manufactured from chicken sternum cartilage. It is critical in ensuring joint health. The most commonly used supplement is the type I collagen. They assist in more than just the improvement of how the skin looks and feels.

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